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Consigli Capelli : On this page you will find ten sound advice, proposed by leading experts/hairdressers in the industry, on how to be strong and healthy hair. It doesn\'t take much to keep our hair in top condition, healthy and strong. Many daily habits can cause weakening or damaging them. Just know what to do, what to avoid and practice the right advice. Make it a habit of massaging, delicately, scalp every time you wash your hair. The massage will promote circulation in the area, with great benefit for hair (I recommend many hairdressers). Do not wash your hair too often, but not too little. Find the right balance for your hair type, and your lifestyle. The diet is essential for healthy hair. A balanced diet will promote the health of our hair, as well as a poor diet will weaken them. Very important that intake of vitamins, minerals, and especially iron is adequate. A supplement, maybe taken in pharmacy can be very helpful. Important Tip: avoid stress! one of the greatest enemies of health of our hair. The same goes for sleep, which must be adequate and regular. Stress and a regular sleep cycle can cause serious harm you know hair, causing it to fall. Always choose professional hairdressers which respect the hair shampoo, avoid overly aggressive ones that give you the feeling of impoverishing the hair after washing. Always use a good conditioner, leave the time to act before you wash it off with water, and consider also the possibility to use a so-called \' leave in conditioner, purchased at the hairdresser, be applied on damp hair after shampooing and do not rinse. Do not use hot water to wash your hair, better warm or almost cold. Avoid as much as possible. Not at 100% but started to use it only after you have almost completely dried my hair with a soft towel. The less time you expose your hair to hot air dryer the better it will be for them (and for you). Choose the suitable brush your hair, attention to the brushes that RIP too much hair, or that they can wear out. Better to spend a little more but have a brush that does not abuse our hair. Let me breathe the hair, not stifle them with too many products, gels, pastes and waxes to keep them in shape. Assessed a trim or cut from time to time, to delete the tips, reduce the mass of hair, let them-exactly-breathe.

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Consigli Capelli - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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16 Sep 19
Premiazione GLOBAL AWARDS 2019
Salvatore Fodera OMC President e Marco Calcagni

CALCAGNI rinomata azienda di servizi per parrucchieri e centri estetici ha ricevuto il prestigioso premio come OMC MANNEQUIN GOLD SPONSOR dal Presidente / CEO di OMC Salvatore Fodera, confermando la continua crescita dell'azienda dal 1972 grazie allo spirito imprenditoriale del fondatore Luciano Calcagni e dei figli continuatori Marco e Alberto.

OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure), la più grande organizzazione professionale di parrucchieri al mondo con oltre 50 paesi membri, ha organizzato OMC HAIRWORLD 2019, premiando campioni mondiali del settore bellezza.

PARIGI: OMC grande manifestazione

Nei giorni dal 14 al 16 Settembre si è svolta a PARIGI (PARIS) la grande kermesse OMC con fiera e spettacoli/ show dei più grandi brand mondiali.

Anche CALCAGNI DIFFUSION (ITALY) uno dei più grandi distributori di articoli per parrucchieri ed estetica in Italia, era presente con uno stand.

Marco Calcagni con Julienne L'OREAL

Citiamo gli sponsor di manifestazione:

MCB by Beauté Sélection e Calcagni Profumerie.

16 Sep 19
Nikita Fisher

For the hairstylist's colour collection this year she focused her energy on light, transparency and paranormal movement incorporating a spectrum of colours - she created looks resembling similarities from various natural and supernatural elements from mother nature and the physical world, characteristics and gifts from the earth capturing those magical, very rarely seen moments that happen at sunrise, sunset, after the rain has fallen, in the depths of space and only during certain time lapses. During her research she has been drawn to various significant light reflections and illusions and wanted to create an array of expression manifested on her model’s individual dispersive power.

Collection: Prism
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Doey Drummond
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


10 Sep 19
Anthony Grant

The hairstylist's inspiration for this collection started when he looking through a kaleidoscope and visualising the wide spectrum of colours, he created his own unique colour palette. Working on natural Afro hair has enabled he to introduce vibrant colour and set new trends. It's about girls who have an alter ego, having the confidence to express themselves through their hair using strong bold colours, introducing the illusion of texture and movement. He infused colours, textures to his kaleidoscope collection, creating a fresh new look with an editorial vibe. These girls don't follow trends, they dictate them.

Collection: Kaleidoscope
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Marta Mucha
Stylist: James Millagan


06 Sep 19


In un mondo in cui si sono moltiplicate le opportunità di acquisto e di relazione con i brand, le CHIAVI per il SUCCESSO sono la personalizzazione e l'esperienza di marca che si riesce a offrire ai clienti che però, complice anche il digitale, hanno aspettative sempre più alte.

Diventa quindi indispensabile conoscere il consumatore.

"Oggi ogni luogo è un luogo di scambio: stiamo sempre vendendo o comprando un prodotto, un servizio, dati, informazione, attenzione"

Uno scenario, quello attuale, in cui si presentano, infinite possibilità di acquisto e di relazione con le marche.
I CONSUMATORI hanno cominciato a muoversi non più in modo lineare ma imprevedibile e i diversi punti di contatto si intrecciano tra loro.

Per esempio il 45% dichiara di comprare sul web dopo aver effettuato una ricerca nel negozio fisico, che quindi non è più da considerare come il punto terminale del processo.
Inoltre chi fa shopping online spesso lo fa da rivenditori non italiani: ci si riferisce quindi non più a una geografia italiana ma internazionale.

Tutto ciò porta a una trasformazione delle aspettative del consumatore.

Il 38% infatti si aspetta personalizzazione, il 64% la consegna gratuita degli acquisti online, il 30% procedure semplici per il reso, il 68% un'esperienza post acquisto.

05 Sep 19
Sam Kerr and Natasha Mahey

This collection takes inspiration from architecture, working with different textures but retaining a sexy feel to the looks. Working with a combination of sleek and soft textures to keep each of these images strong with a sexy edge.

Collection: Architecture
Ph: Jens Wikholm
Make-up: Amie Cheryls
Stylist: Jamie Stevens


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