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On this page you will find ten valid tips, offered by the most important experts/hairdressers in the industry, on how to have strong and healthy hair. It doesn't take long to keep our hair in optimal, healthy and strong condition. Many daily habits can cause them to weaken or damage them. Just know what to do, what to avoid and practice the right advice that comes. Make a habit of gently massaging your scalp every time you wash your hair. The massage will promote circulation in the area, with great benefit for hair (advice of many hairdressers). Do not wash your hair too often, but not too little. Find the right balance for your hair type, and with your lifestyle. Diet is essential for hair health. A balanced diet will promote the health of our hair, as well as a poor diet will weaken them. Very important that the intake of vitamins, mineral salts, and especially iron is adequate. A supplement, perhaps taken at the pharmacy, can be very useful. Important tip: Avoid stress! one of the greatest enemies of the health of our hair. The same applies to sleep, which must be adequate and regular. Stress and an uneven sleep cycle can cause severe hair damage, causing it to fall out. Always choose professional shampoos of hairdressers that respect the hair, avoid those too aggressive that give you the feeling of depleting the hair after washing them. Always use a good hair conditioner, give it time to act before washing it off with water, and also consider using a so-called 'leave in conditioner', which can also be purchased from the hairdresser, to be applied to the damp hair after shampooand and don't rinse. Do not use too hot water to wash your hair, better warm or almost cold. Avoid the hair dryer as much as possible. Not 100% but start using it only after almost completely drying your hair with a soft towel. The less time you expose your hair to the hot air of the hair dryer the better it will be for them (and for you). Choose the right brush for your hair, watch out for brushes that tear too much hair, or that can fray them. Better to spend a little more but have a brush that does not mistreat our hair. Let your hair breathe, do not smother it with too many products, gels, pastes and waxes to keep them in shape. Evaluate a spun or a cut from time to time, to eliminate the tips, reduce the mass of hair, let them - precisely - breathe.

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